lightweight & compact, for all your yard projects & recreational activities


The most versatile wheelbarrow on the market.

Super Light Weight!

Collapsible & Space Saving!

Easy To Maneuver!

Ergonomically Designed next Easier To lift!
Low Center of Gravity next Less Tipping!
Ground Level Loading next Rake Right Into the Barrow!
Empty Over the Front, Side, or Back next Easier Emptying!

Perfect for any age

With its steering assist system, ergonomic grips and balanced center of gravity there’s no job it can’t tackle.


Better by Design

Load without bending or lifting, unload to the front rear or sides.


Lightweight and Space saving

All the strength of tubular steel but lightweight and collapsible, easy to ‘carry and store’.

Built to last.

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“I wanted something lightweight and easy for my home. I was so surprised to see how tough it is and how much weight it can carry. It doesn't take up space in my already full garage. Highly recommend!”

- Peter

“I use my homebarrow everywhere, super chuffed with the purchase!”

- Ross H

“This is now my 2nd Homebarrow. We use the one in our home for the firewood and groceries and definitely need one for the garden. It is so much stronger than I imagined, versatile and easy to tuck away. With the swiveling wheel, it's really cool to use.”

- Michael

“Best purchase I made this year. Storing it in my garage without taking up lots of space. Love it! 🤗”

- Dan Rogers

“Every garden should have one. It's clever. I use it between two homes. It is quick to collapse and reassemble. I carried sixty bags of compost and topsoil comfortably and quickly with this solution. ”

- Mark

“Game changer! This thing rocks. Well carries rocks pretty damn easily 🔥.”

- James K

“We have soft sand around most of our house and the conventional wheel barrow just sinks into it making it even harder to get around. The fat wheels of this barrow just float on top. It takes up minimal space whilst hanging from the wall.”

- Jimmy

“Easy to build and easy to store. Great product, like the big wheel.”

- Linda

Ditch Your Heavy, Rusty, Old Wheel Barrow.
Save Today!

whats inside
Assembles in minutes Only 2 nuts and bolts to attach the wheel and then slide & push it together
whats inside


The revolutionary space saving, collapsible barrow that is perfect for any home.



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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Homebarrow different to traditional wheelbarrows?
HB has a low centre of gravity making it less tippy and because the main carrying area is close to the wheel it makes lifting a cinch. It can also be stored easily yet readily accessible. Emptying the load is also very easy.
How much does the Homebarrow weigh?
Less than 18 lbs making it easy to carry.
What is the HomeBarrow made of?
It is made from strengthened PVC for the tray, steel tubing and moulded plate steel which is powder coated and a rubber wheel on a rotating caster.
How much weight can the Homebarrow carry?
Recommended max carrying weight is 175 lbs
How long does it take to assemble the Homebarrow?
It should take no longer than a few minutes as it clicks together like a tent except for the wheel which requires two nuts and bolts to be tightened, therefore a spanner is required. Watch the video first – it will save time.
Is the wheel puncture-proof?
The wheel will never require to be pumped up and will always be willing to carry the load!